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With conversations and interest around electric vehicles on the rise, we asked our own local radio super-star Mike West to drive the new Audi e-tron for a few days and share his thoughts and first impressions on Audi’s first fully electric vehicle.


• What was your first impression of the vehicle –

My first thoughts were this is a nice big SUV. It looks sleek yet very solid and safe at the same time.
You feel snug and very safe driving this vehicle. With the big wheels and the low centre of gravity, its handles like a dream and there is more power than you will ever need.

• What stood out –

The simplicity of the e-tron stood out to me. It’s so simple to operate, but there are yet there tons of features that enable you to fully customise every single aspect of the driving experience.

• Ease of use in terms of technology? –

The technology wraps itself around you. All the tech in this car is very user friendly too with everything from 2 touch screens, to mood lighting so you can set up the interior exactly as you like it and really make it your own.

• Conclusion –

When I was driving down the road, it felt like I was floating along on a big, soft, comfortable cloud. I’ve never experienced anything like this.
It’s also an interesting and weird feeling knowing that you’re driving a big powerful vehicle, yet it’s hardly costing you a thing to run.